Get Your Texas Absentee Ballots!

Quick resource to share for Texas voting-by-mail:

First thing this morning after finishing Peter Berard’s 2017 birthday reflections and curating Texas Freedom Network’s Daily News Clips, I created to serve as a quick resource for Texans seeking to apply for their absentee ballots in order to vote by mail.

I figure those who oppose democracy among Texas Republicans’ plans include running out the time remaining to request an absentee ballot in Texas. I’m not one to depend on the courts ultimately forcing Gov. Abbott to pull a Gov. Newsom and mail everyone a ballot. Instead, I’ve already requested (and urged friends and family to do the same) my absentee ballots. If nothing else, this will prevent local elections offices from being overwhelmed in the days before the elections.

I know any difficulty involved in voting just gives people one more reason not to vote. So, by putting everything in one place with easy instructions, I’m hoping more Texans will apply for ballots and vote.

As I said, there’s no time to waste, and fraudsters like Ken Paxton are relying on Texans to wait too long so they’ll be forced to make a choice between exposing themselves to COVID-19 or exercising fundamental rights.

Run-off elections for the primaries (remember voting in those pre-pandemic?) are slated for Tuesday, July 14, 2020. Gov. Abbott has decided to double the time available to early vote — early voting now starts on June 29, 2020. But your county elections administrator must receive your absentee ballot application by July 2, 2020 in order for you to receive ballots for the run-offs. (Note you can opt to receive your general election ballot by mail at the same time you apply for your run-off election ballot.)

Texas’ general election is still slated for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Your ballot application must be received by your county elections officials by Friday, October 23, 2020.

Get to it: — and share it with your friends and family!